Working with designers, multi family developers, residential and commercial clients

Principal Lisa Calder “with my enthusiasm and experience in business/design combined with Adam’s skill and talent for fine finishing it made starting Palomino seem like the perfect idea.” We believe millwork has become a part of our lifestyle, whether it be a custom designed piece adding style and elegance or millwork designed to accommodate storage and organization.”

Palomino Principals

Lisa Calder & Adam Loiselle

Principal Adam Loiselle “our clients overall experience with Palomino is very important to us, they are our number one. Utilizing only the highest quality of materials and our talented production/install/design team we can confidently commit to offering infinite options.”

Our Fabrication

Palomino mills all product in their 7000 sq ft shop utilizing their custom engineered spray booth and the latest in technology and machinery

Our Values

Palomino’s millwork comes from a hand crafted concept combining traditional and contemporary style with a common elegance.


Construction and quality is where the process begins. Incorporating various materials and maintaining the utmost attention to detail we are able to combine precision and balance providing function and beautiful form.


Palomino strives to achieve an extraordinary visual harmony as autonomous pieces in relation to the interiors for which they are designed.


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Palomino Custom Closets and Millwork warrants all products for two (2) years after installation. This covers any defects in product and/or hardware. (not including wear and tear, damage due to improper handling, cleaning, or damage by other trades). THE BLUM ADVANTAGE Blum carries a limited lifetime warranty, which includes its hinges and drawer runners, against defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original consumer purchaser owns the products. Please contact us directly for any further information on how to have parts replaced. Slides and hinges that have over exceeded weight restrictions will not be covered by Blum or Palomino.


Due to woods organic composition, it can be reactive to changes in temperature and/or humidity. Large and/or rapid changes in these conditions will result in a reaction that can consist of but not limited to the following; warping, expansion, contraction, splitting, checking, discoloration, separation of joints and the decomposition of adhesives used in the production of the millwork or substrate’s. Palomino recommends its products be in a stable environment with moderate temperatures and a controlled humidity level of 35%. It is the beauty and elegance of natural wood to have the characteristics covered in the above literature. The variances give depth and character to millwork and cabinetry packages. Palomino Custom Millwork does everything in its power to minimize these natural occurrences, but cannot completely control or eliminate such issues. Palomino Custom Millwork will not cover the cost to repair or replace defects attributed to temperature or humidity such as shrinking, warping, cracking or peeling.


All woods are photosensitive, any light source, be it natural or artificial will eventually change the color of wood. Exposure to direct sun light will accelerate this natural process. Exposing light colored woods to direct sunlight can also cause yellow spots in a short period of time. These spots are permanent and cannot be removed. Newer finishing techniques have slowed this process, but no products have been developed to stop this process completely.


Spills and leaks must be cleaned up immediately with a damp soft cloth followed by a dry soft cloth to avoid streaks all while keeping a gentle pressure when wiping. Be careful when mopping your floors and ensure that any wet areas in corners of your cabinets are dried with a dry soft cloth to avoid possible damage to your toekicks. To clean & dust surfaces use a clean, damp soft cloth & dry promptly with a second clean soft cloth to avoid streaks. To clean harder-to-remove dirt and grease, use a water-soluble, non-abrasive cleaning solution such as mild-soap or dishwashing liquid: use a clean cloth dampened with a solution of warm water and mild soap, rinse with a clean water-dampened cloth and dry immediately with a soft, clean cloth. Do not use harsh and abrasive cleaners, cleaners such as Lysol or Comet and refrain from using brushes or pads to scrub or clean your cabinetry with. Polishing is not required to maintain the natural luster of the finish and polishing materials of any kind. Waxes or chemical polishers such as Pledge are not recommended as they may damage the top surface by creating a sticky layer that attracts dirt and dust.